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Life Changes.

So I put in my notice at work, but unlike all of you fabulous people who decide to start your own busines… I have decided to return to school!  I’ve been planning this for a while, but all the pieces just fell into place all of a sudden, so we’re going for it.

Let’s hope that I can get all my paperwork together…

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Sarah’s Shower Invites

Beyond the insane wind and the abnormally hot day for San Francisco, the baby shower went well!  We ended up moving inside when the sun decided to attempt to kill us all (I’m tanned, no!)  but overall, I’d say it was a good day!

But before I get into the day… here are the invitations that I created with my little slave laborer Jen.  With gocco, scissors, and a couple of x-acto knives, here they are!

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Warning! We have issues!

By WE, I mean me. Jen says I’ve gone insane, but let’s just say this was expected because we know how freakin’ nitpicky I was about my wedding. Anyway, beyond trying to convince her to rent nicer chairs (we have to rent so we might as well go for it?) we decided to go with cute utensils. Disposable utensils.. I know we’re awful and it’s not eco-friendly, but if we were going disposable we might as well go cute.

So I bought wooden utensils.

via paper+cup design

While we bought ours from Garnish, Paper + Cup Designs offers adorable custom letterpressed utensils. Because I’m not nearly that cool, we didn’t do that. Maybe… we’ll stamp something on there if we can get some waterproof ink…

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Baby Release Party!

I wrote about this on Wedding Bee back in the day, but we threw my friend Jenn a bachelorette party a few weeks before her wedding. The whole thing, manicure at Polished Lounge, massage at Bliss Spa, then a snack at the W hotel where we booked a room for the night, off to dinner at AsiaSF and followed by our private party at Agent Provocateur. Seriously, when we throw a party it’s a whole day event.

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Volcanic Ash = Sad Face

I’ll get this out of the way, it is really sad that there was a volcanic eruption and ash it bad for the lungs and not good for air travel. No one is happy that there is ash-air abound.  I am sorry if you are stuck in ash-land.  No, not Ashland, Oregon where the Shakespeare Festival is held(thanks, elementary school!), but ash-land.  Note hyphen.

So back to being selfish.

Ash is stopping flights and that’s making it hard to get certain flowers.  Why do I know this? I t’s because I’m still going through post-wedding-depression and keep up with this stuff even after over 2 years of being married.  Rob forgives me, or rather, doesn’t know I’m still doing this and would probably be horrified if he knew.  Thankfully, he doesn’t read my blog because he says I’m horribly cryptic and when I was traveling Europe with my landlord before we were dating, he read it and felt miserable. I’m glad I cut that off early.  This is also why I can tell you really embarrassing stories about him.  Because he doesn’t know.

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I get a lot of questions about the process, exactly what is needed and how we go about making the design. I’ll use one of my latest illustrations, Julia and Bobby, as an example.

*poof* done! like magic!

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Wabi Sabi Events

Frances Loves You illustrations are now a part of Wabi Sabi Events! I look forward to blogging about more things… not just about my toilet and how quickly the paint in my living room is drying!


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Another play on height!

I love working with couples who are silly. Not that I’m anti romantic couples, I admire sweetness and romance because I haven’t a romantic bone in my body. But there is always fun to be had when you’re drawing two people who are silly and like to play! Yet again, I got to work with a cute couple with a huge height difference!

Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m maybe 2 inches shorter than Rob, so anytime I wear shoes with even a little heel I’m taller than him. Not that I hate Rob or anything, but when are men’s platforms going to come back in style? If fashion goes in cycles, isn’t it time for disco platforms to come back in style? Or is it already time for no socks and boat shoes?

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Sweet Inspiration?

The best part of doing this is the people that I get to work with.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many adorable couples, I feel really lucky that I have had the chance to be able to be a part of their lives even in such a small way.

But… I will say that this is up there for most awesome bride ever.  I’m not sure if she’d read my posts at wedding bee or if she’s just psychic, but one of the girls I recently worked with happens to also work in a candy store!  SCORE!!  The store is called Smeeks and it sells all kinds of sweets… and another bonus point is that it’s associated with Frances Vintage.  Uh, hello?  I’m pretty keen on the name Frances!  This was obviously fate.  Shortly after sending off her inspired illustration, seriously, the inspiration and the people I had to work with was so amazing it was a breeze to come up with something, I received something in the mail…

Hell yea! I don’t go in for cleanings every 3 months for nothing.

If you haven’t been to Off Beat Bride to check out Julia and Bobby’s wedding, GO NOW. It’s beyond adorable! Everything is so creative, seriously, I envy that talent.

More on the illustration later… I am too busy becoming a living gold mine for my dentist!

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I’m patient, I swear.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’m the one who checks tracking every few minutes and will cry if I can’t have what I want immediately. Er, so I don’t cry, but I do get whiney. I’ll shake Rob and whimper if I have to wait for someone and you don’t want to be around me if a shipment is coming in late for something. Late is bad. Late causes serious anxiety.

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